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Emotional Intelligence led by Thomas Horvath
UCF Executive Education One-Day Workshop

WHERE: : UCF Partnership II

WHEN: March 5

Learn how to develop and leverage Emotional Intelligence (EI) for greater personal and organizational success in this brand new workshop. Walk away with tips and tactics to improve emotional intelligence - in yourself and among groups - and to use EI to boost staff morale, motivation and performance.

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What our students are saying

The instructor sought personal experience examples from the attendees which helped bring the learning concepts into practical application.

My advice for someone who wanted to take an online course would be don't wait as long as I did. It was really fun...

Katie Seymour

UCF CE Alumni Spotlight

I see myself as a student of knowledge. I’m always trying to learn more.

Calston Llewellyn
Technical Project Manager
UCF CE Alumnus - Project Management Certificate Program

Born in Jamaica, Calston Llewellyn took his lifelong love of learning with him to UCF, where he studied computer engineering as an undergraduate. “I was the first in my family to go to college so I didn’t really understand what to do. Being a first and not having anyone to give you advice on a personal level was difficult.” Yet despite the challenges that came his way, Llewellyn succeeded and graduated from UCF with a degree in computer engineering.

After graduating, he accepted a position at UCF, where he has held a variety of roles including computer support specialist, technician in broadcast and multimedia specialist. As his career advances, Llewellyn continues to seek education and sees each new opportunity as a step towards reaching his goals.

"I like being able to invent, create, think and help others. I like being part of this kind of environment where I’m contributing to the reinventing." ...continue reading

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