4 Reasons Spanish Should Be Your Second (or Third) Language

Studies show that knowing a second language is only becoming more and more valued in both the workforce and social circles. Knowing a second language has the ability to open up doors to exciting new opportunities around the globe.

So you’re probably wondering which languages are most beneficial to learn as a second language in the U.S. Well, at the top of that list sits Spanish, which is spoken by more than 400 million native speakers around the world. In fact, there are more Spanish speakers in the U.S. than there are in Spain! Here are some of the top reasons Spanish should be your pick as a second (or third!) language:

It can help you get the job.

Employers are looking for job applicants who stand out — and Spanish as a second language can help you do just that. Being bilingual can help bump your resume to the top of the stack, and with the number of Spanish-speaking households in the U.S. growing each year, employers will view you as an asset if you’re fluent.

It has benefits for both the body and mind.

Learning a new language has been shown to boost memory and even improve your ability to speak your native language! In addition, speaking multiple languages is believed to increase your ability to successfully juggle multiple tasks at once, decreasing your levels of stress and anxiety.

It’s not that far off from English.

Both Spanish and English include many words derived from Latin, meaning there is a decent amount of overlap between the two languages. You may find yourself breezing through certain Spanish words and phrases, as opposed to other world languages that are commonly more difficult for English native speakers to pick up.

It will help you travel with ease!

Spanish as a second language can help you to finally get those stamps on your passport you’ve always wanted. It is the official language of many countries worldwide in Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. Happy travels!

The Division of Continuing Education at the University of Central Florida offers an online Speed Spanish course for anyone looking to pick up another language. In just six short weeks, students learn the basics of how to speak, read and write Spanish. The Speed Spanish learning series has three parts for students to become reach their desired level of fluency.

Get started on your language journey today! Speed Spanish II and Speed Spanish III are also available to advance.

Published on 8/21/2019

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