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With limited budgets, how can individuals within an organization recognize profitable business ventures when they see one?

The answer is the ROI Methodology™. This comprehensive approach to program evaluation teaches individuals and organizations essential skills for calculating the monetary value and intangible measures of business projects. Return on Investment (ROI) courses can help participants learn how to collect and analyze important data related to business success and profit.

While the ROI Methodology™ teaches skills profitable for any career field, the program is particularly beneficial for individuals working in human resources, IT and training systems, and other similar fields. The ROI Methodology™ implements an expert-approved process model and five-level framework currently being used by over 5,000 organizations and has been endorsed by executives, professional associations and federal governments worldwide.

Individuals and organizations can gain critical knowledge from the ROI Certification program about topics like increasing employee satisfaction, which can lower companies’ absentee, turnover and overtime pay rates, in turn potentially saving an organization thousands of dollars annually.

Earn Your ROI Certification with UCF CE
The Division of Continuing Education at the University of Central Florida offers a five-day ROI Certification program for anyone interested in gaining Certified ROI Professional (CRP) designation. UCF's next ROI Certification session will take place Feb. 25 to March 1, 2019.

"The ROI Certification program allows people to understand how to apply a methodology to understand the return on investment for many things that maybe aren't as direct as a stock investment. It allows them to articulate to their supervisors or businesses why something is of value and understand how to measure those things properly to keep track of data," Todd Freece, director of UCF Continuing Education, said.

Workshops are taught by experts in ROI Methodology™ who share focused and practical training techniques with participants from start to finish.

UCF faculty, staff and alumni now have access to a discounted rate for the five-day ROI Certification with the use of a promo code. If you and/or your organization are interested in improving program evaluation, find out more information about how to enroll for ROI Certification at

The ROI Institute, Inc., founded in 1992, currently has partners in 66 countries around the world. The institute’s ROI Certification Workshop has gained recognition as a widely-used evaluation system.



Published on 1/30/2019

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