The Write Way to Travel

What’s your favorite place to visit? Is it somewhere warm and tropical like Hawaii? Or maybe someplace exotic like Thailand? How about something simple and peaceful such as a local park? Whatever that place may be, imagine getting paid to tell people about how great it is, or better yet, imagine getting paid to go there.

This is a reality for many established travel writers out there. These writers work on blogs, essays, articles, guides and books to share information such as stories, tips, itineraries and more. If you’re someone who loves to travel and enjoys writing, this could be the write career path for you.

So where should you begin? The first step in traveling writing is figuring out what to write about.

Writing topics:

  • Local spots
    Are you someone who knows all the fun spots in your area? Whether it be a local hiking trail, beach, museum or aquarium; people are always looking for things to do, but may not have the time or money to travel far. Why not write about a local attraction that people may want to visit on their next day off?
  • Festivals and events
    Concerts, music festivals, or even a local food and wine tasting are all great topics to write about. Tell people about what the event is, what happens there, and why they should attend. Who knows, maybe your piece will help sell out an arena!
  • Favorite vacation destinations
    Have any good advice to offer about your favorite vacation destination? People are always looking for ways to have the best vacation experience possible. So writing about anything from hotel recommendations, airport transportation tips, and even hidden gems about a destination is always a good choice.
  • Backpacking trips
    Maybe you’re an avid traveler who’s spent some time backpacking? Why not share your experiences trekking through the Australian Outback and encourage others to take off on a journey of a lifetime?

Now that you’ve decided on the perfect topic (like sharing your expertise on the best burger places in Miami), it’s time to figure out which medium to share your work.

Types of travel writing:

  • Blogs
    Starting your own blog is a great way to get your foot in the door in travel writing. You don’t have to go through editors or be stressed with strict deadlines, all you have to do is select the “publish” button to start getting your work out there!
  • Essays
    Whether it be a personal essay or an analysis of a local culture; essays are a popular form of travel writing that can be published in various print and online sources. If you have a personal experience or opinion you would like to share, travel essays are a good way to go.
  • Articles
    Magazines like National Geographic Traveler and sites like Matador Network are filled with travel writing articles. Magazines and websites pay freelance travel writers for their work and while it may not be much at first, it’s a great way to get your work out there and get you started on building your career.
  • Guides
    Traveling can be stressful and people are always looking for helpful tips and tricks on things like where to stay, what to eat, what to see, and when to see it. Guidebooks are a savior to many travelers who want to make the most of their time at a particular destination but don’t know how. If you’re an expert on a particular city and have advice on everything from hotels to coffee shops, guidebook writing just might be for you.
  • Books
    Have you ever read Jack Kerouac’s On the Road? Or how about Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love? Many travel books are about far more than just sharing tips and giving advice: they’re about telling stories. While writing a book is no easy task, if you have a knack for storytelling and some adventures to share with others, you may just write the next New York Times Bestseller.

If you’re interested in travel writing and want to learn more, the Division of Continuing education at the University of Central Florida offers an online course called Travel Writing. This six-week long course focusses on skills and writing methods used in travel writing. After completion of the course, students will be able to successfully record their travels in published works such as articles, books and blogs. Click here to learn more

Published on 10/15/2018

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