Create a Successful Blog in a Few Easy Steps

Have you ever wanted to start your own blog and share your passions with others? Whether you enjoy music, gardening, automotive repair or food, there are people out there who will want to read your blog. Guess what? Creating a blog is a lot easier than you think. It’s time to stop thinking about having a blog and time to start creating one.


What do you want to write about?
Are you an avid traveler? How about a master chef? Or maybe you just really like watching The Walking Dead? Whatever you’re passionate about, it’s time to start blogging about it!  Find something you love and get ready to share your thoughts with the world.

Now that you have your topic, you can decide what type of content you want to produce. Let’s say you’re passionate about movies. Your blog could feature reviews, recommendations or speculations about upcoming films. If your passion is couponing, maybe you could create posts that offer advice, personal experience and highlight the accomplishments of others.

Create a website
Now that you know what you want, it’s time to create the site. WordPress is a great tool for creating websites and blogs. Using WordPress can help give you a professional, functional blog that is sure to attract the attention of others.

Create a domain name
What do you want your site to be called? Make sure it relates to your topic so that when people see your domain name, they know what your topic is. For example, if your blog is about cats, be sure it has the word “cat,” “kitten,” “feline” or some other keyword that tells the audience what your blog is about. 

Start writing!
It’s time to put your ideas to action and start writing. Once you create content, post it on your site and get ready to share your passion with others.

Congratulations, you now have a blog! Now it’s time to start producing content and finding ways to increase views and get your blog the attention it deserves. Once your blog takes off, you can start finding ways to grow your online presence and even make money from blogging.

If you’re interested in taking these first steps, be sure to check out Creating WordPress Websites, a course offered through the Division of Continuing Education at the University of Central Florida. This course offers students hands-on experience creating professional websites and blogs on WordPress. Lessons include getting started, deciding on templates, working with multimedia, making sites user-friendly, learning about search engine optimization and analyzing site statistics.

Learn more and get on your way to creating a website and sharing your blog with the world!

Published on 3/27/2019

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