Expand the Meaning of Medicine Through Spanish

As a medical professional, your number one priority at work is the health and wellbeing of your patients. With long hours and demanding workloads, you go above and beyond to serve them. But what happens when something like a language barrier stands in the way of you doing your job to the best of your ability?

The Spanish-speaking population of the U.S. is on the rise, particularly in Florida, meaning there’s a high demand for more medical professionals who have the survival language skills to serve Spanish-speaking patients. With the high-pressure situations that often arise in medical settings, it’s crucial to have the knowledge to be able to communicate with and comfort your patients at all times.

Benefits of learning Spanish for medical professionals:

  • Improve communication with your patients.
    Medical settings can seem unfamiliar and overwhelming for some patients, especially those who find themselves unable to communicate with staff. As Spanish-speaking medical personnel, you’ll be able to open a line of communication with Spanish-speaking patients to discuss everything from medical histories to insurance to treatment.

  • Expand your worldview.
    Learning a new language or increasing your knowledge of a familiar one provides you with a new perspective into the lives of those around you. Being able to communicate with anyone who enters into a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital regardless of their background will open you up to interacting and engaging with many different types of people.

  • Stand out in your job market.
    Many clinics and hospitals are seeking out candidates with knowledge of Spanish medical terms to fill positions for health care providers, receptionists, medical translators and more. A willingness to learn new skills is an attractive quality to employers. You’ll stand out as a strong contender with a firm grasp on Spanish conversational phrases and medical lingo.

Learn more about widening your job prospects and creating an inclusive space for your patients with the Division of Continuing Education at the University of Central Florida’s six-week Spanish for Medical Professionals online course.

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Published on 4/23/2019

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