Which Resume Type is Best for You?

Are you looking to apply for a job? Are you worried your resume may not be what the employer is looking for? Have no fear!

There are different ways to write your resume to present yourself in the best way possible and make sure you are highlighting exactly what the employer wants to see. Even if you feel you have gaps in your work experience or a previous job that you think doesn’t relate, there are always ways to show employers why your experience (regardless of what it may be) has helped you to become a qualified candidate for the position. There are two most popular formats for a resume are chronological and function. Let’s take a look and see which one is best for you.


  • A chronological resume, which may just be the best option for you, is the most common type of resume used. This is a great format if you have uninterrupted, relevant work experience or have been promoted within your career. In this resume format, you list positions in reverse chronological order and lists the job title, company, location and employment dates for your previous employers. If you don’t have the relevant work experience, have large gaps in employment or have held a lot of short term positions, you may want to think about a functional resume.


  • Functional resumes focus on skills and achievements and less on work experience. If you need to emphasize certain skills, have great achievements outside of work, have gaps in work experience, are looking to enter a new industry or just want to customize your resume to fit the employers wants/needs, this is the resume for you. This resume will provide a short summary of work/education experiences and will be followed by headings that consist of skills. Underneath these skills will be relevant achievements and experiences.

If you’re looking to build your resume and would like advice from professionals, the Division of Continuing Education offers a six-week online resume writing workshop. This workshop provides students the skills and knowledge they need to transform their resume and market themselves in the best way possible. Students will also learn how to overcome gaps in work history, use references to their advantage and write successful cover letters. After completion of this course, students will be well prepared to successfully apply for jobs and use their knowledge to land the position.

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Published on 1/4/2019

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