New Engineering and Quality Certifications

New Engineering and Quality Certifications


Monday, June 02, 2014

In partnership with UCF's College of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, UCF Continuing Education is proud to now offer three of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) certification preparation courses including the Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE), Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), and the Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA). 

ASQ is the leader in certification standards for the field of quality and reliability engineering.  Having an ASQ Certification "demonstrates that the certified individual has the knowledge to assure quality of products and services" and is an "investment in your career and in the future of your employer"1.  Not only does ASQ certification offer personal satisfaction, but it also provides for increased income and promotion possibilities and increases the odds of employment2.  Interested participants may visit to learn more about the CRE, CQE and CQIA certification preparation programs or continue reading for program details.


Participants can choose from the CRE, CQE or CQIA certification preparation programs.  These quality assurance programs would be of great value to those in manufacturing. Additionally, the course provides valuable experience to all those involved or who will be involved in reliability engineering activities and projects, including managers, executives, reliability professionals, engineers, QA managers, CQI coordinators, quality auditors, manufacturing managers and other quality professionals.  The course is also beneficial to those who are considering enhancing their careers and would like to be better trained and highly-skilled and recognized reliability professionals.

When and Where

Courses will be offered in June 2014 in East Orlando with convenient sessions held in two or five day seminars.  For those who cannot attend in person, please inquire about attending online.

UCF Course Benefits

These ASQ certification preparation courses are taught by expert UCF faculty with experience in quality management, manufacturing systems, precision metrology, and process improvement.  Facilitators and UCF staff will help guide participants to certification exam information and testing dates.  Tuition includes instruction and course materials.

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