2017 Summer Reading Program Begins Soon

2017 Summer Reading Program Begins Soon


Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Are you looking for a summer activity to help someone you know improve their reading skills? Register for UCF Continuing Education's Summer Reading Program today!

The University of Central Florida Division of Continuing Education and Institute of Reading Development have partnered to provide the Summer Reading Program in the Central Florida area.

This summer the program is offered on campus and at 8 other locations throughout Florida!

The courses provide an enjoyable summer activity that helps learners develop their reading and comprehension skills and also provides lifelong learning benefits.

Click here to sign up to improve and enhance your reading skills today!

Courses are offered for all age groups from kindergarten through high school level as well as college students or adults. All ages can gain something from this experience.

Please visit our page here for more information and to register for an upcoming program start. You may also enroll by calling 1-800-964-8888.