4-40 to 2-20 Conversion


In partnership with Florida Insurance University

This 40-hour course qualifies a student for the 2-20 licensing exam. This course is available to any 4-40 license who has held the 4-40 license for at least one year. The course takes the student through the FAIA General Lines Manual with questions and practice tests and successful completion will allow the student to take the state test without taking the 200 hour pre-licensing course.



The General Lines, Adjuster & Industrial Fire Manual is the required textbook for the course and can be obtained from the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) at their website or by calling (850) 893-4155. Florida Insurance University will also order the textbook for students at the time of registration. Cost $40 + tax and shipping.


Michael R. Birzon holds a B. A. from Florida Atlantic University and a Juris Doctor from North Carolina Central University School of Law, Durham, North Carolina. Dr. Birzon has been a trial attorney since 1975, and has represented clients at the trial level, as well as in the appellate courts, setting verdict award records for personal injury damages. Professional Organizations have included the American Bar Association, American Trial Lawyers Association and North Carolina Bar Association. Dr. Birzon is certified by ASI to teach nine areas of insurance law for Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education. Dr. Birzon holds the Area Chair-Law with the University of Phoenix and has co-authored curriculum for UOP. Insurance classes conducted have included corporate training for AIG, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Protegrity Services, AmComp Assurance, RiskCo, CNA and many others. Dr. Birzon is the author of the curriculum and training material used in all of the pre-licensing and continuing education courses offered by the University of Central Florida. In addition, Dr. Birzon wrote the curriculum for the Law School Admissions Test training course for the University of Central Florida. Dr. Birzon was the Continuing Education Coordinator for Seminole Community College responsible for the insurance, real estate and pre-licensing courses offered at SCC.


Contact Dr. Michael Birzon for registration: (407) 927-1235 or flainsu@ucf.edu

Tuition: $325 + $10 shipping

Insurance Training Registration Form
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Thank you so much for all of your assistance during this process. I will always remember and appreciate it!