Return on Investment (ROI) Workshops

UCF Continuing Education, in partnership with the ROI Institute, is proud to bring you valuable Return on Investment (ROI) courses to help you and/or your organization measure return on investment for projects, programs, and initiatives.

ROI Institute

The ROI Methodology™ is a scalable and systematic approach to program evaluation. Using a process model, five-level framework, and operating standards to capture performance metrics from simple satisfaction scores to financial impact, the methodology enables you to collect appropriate data to report performance of a variety of initiatives and program types. The ROI Methodology™ generates both qualitative and quantitative data and provides techniques to isolate the effects of the program from other influences - resulting in credible metrics and ROI reports accepted by financial executives and stakeholders.


ROI 5-Day Certification

The five-day ROI Certification is a internationally-recognized process focused on measuring the true value of tough-to-measure initiatives using the ROI Methodology™. Participating in the ROI Certification is the most comprehensive way to gain the skills to evaluate your major programs and report the most credible results that drive organizational improvements.

Next Session: February 25 - March 1, 2019

Standard Price: $3995
UCF Alumni and Staff: $2500 (enter code UCF1495 during registration)

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Who Should Attend ROI Programs? 
This workshop is for anyone in an organization who is responsible for measuring impact. The workshops focus on the skills of research and measurement that are necessary to effectively conduct ROI studies. Examples of individuals who should attend are: 

  • Project managers
  • Learning and development professionals
  • Quality control and evaluation experts
  • Performance measurement and improvement consultants
  • IT managers
  • Human resource, organizational development and human capital professionals

Benefits of ROI

  • Improve project results
  • Demonstrate organizational value
  • Secure additional funds
  • Select the most valuable projects
  • Build additional support
  • Develop yourself
  • Earn a "seat at the table"

Why Invest in ROI Training?

  • Focused. Content rich with examples, tools, techniques,case studies, and templates to make it easy to collect and analyze powerful data.
  • Proven. The ROI MethodologyTM is built on application and process improvement. Over 5,000 organizations are now using this methodology.
  • Practical. Participants are taught how to use this methodology in their world, designed around their projects.
  • Grounded in reality. The training has been designed, shaped, modified, and enhanced by its users. Everything is based on real situations.
  • Endorsed by executives. This methodology has been approved and endorsed by top executives and CFOs, over half of the Fortune 500 companies, more than 20 professional associations, and over 25 federal governments.
  • Immediately applicable. The tools, processes and skills learned in this workshop can be applied immediately.